Parkchester Santa

Starting in 2018! Parkchester Santa will be doing block parties to bring Christmas joy to local neighborhoods. These events will include:

1. Rides with Santa on his sleigh.
2. Professional storyteller to share Christmas stories (requires quiet space away from background music so the teller can be easily heard or music will go off during storytelling time so the storyteller can be heard above or over the sound system).
3. Professional photos and video of the event.
4. Professional lighting of the sleigh landing zone so all can get nicely lighted photos.
5. Professional sound system for background Christmas music and announcements.

Optional choices include (additional fees may apply):
1. Outdoor showing of a Christmas movie on a 10 ft screen.
2. Licensed massage therapist giving chair massages.
3. Special delivery of your child's presents by Santa where each child is called up by name to receive their present and photo with Santa.
4. "Secret Santa" - special delivery of presents from an anonymous source to a neighbors home.

If you would like to sponsor a block party please contact us for more information.